The latest technology at the lowest possible prices - without compromising on customer service. We work hard to ensure you can buy the electicals you want cheaply - it's a simple philosophy and one we stick to. 

Based in the UK, our team has many years of experience selling electricals online and providing a trustworthy service to thousands of customers. Our relationship with both the large UK distributors and the smaller UK specialists, means we are able to source 1000s of electrical products at very competitive prices. 

We are authorised to sell all the big tech brand names and the emerging specialist brands. Everything we sell is new, UK stock and comes with a minimum 12 month manufacturers warranty, longer in many cases. So you can have complete peace of mind when you make you purchase.

Our original website and still the award winning destination for specialist and business computing. Over the last 10 years we've built a very sophisticated website order processing system and a great team of people to operate it.

The founders of the company (who still run the company now) set out to create a painless buying experience for online shoppers, they did it and have picked up plenty of customer service and retailer of the year awards along the way. It's when you have to phone or email an online retailer that you really find out how good they are, we're confident we have the right team of people and the right systems in place to deal with any enquiry in a friendly efficient way.

We may not be a big name, but over the years we've served thousands of customers from our Yorkshire base in the UK.

Is an e-commerce solution specifically for the IT industry. It lets you sell online without the overheads and risk. A branded, pre-populated, drop-ship web store. It will never cost you a penny and you earn commission on every sale.

MoreFrom.Me effectively gives you your own version of our MoreComputers web store. We've been building and operating MoreComputers since 2004, all the experience and expertise we've gained over the years has gone into producing MoreFrom.Me.

More than just a web store, our e-commerce solution is a little different than other options - in addition to providing the store we also process orders and sort out any returns issues. With a MoreFrom.Me web store you'll very quickly have an online solution, that can help your business grown - without the hassle and time investment usually associated with an e-commerce site.